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Meet the Middle Georgia Medicare Team!

Jun 1, 2022 | Medicare Guidance

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Middle Georgia Medicare Team!

Meet Candice

I am Candice Harnage, owner of Middle Georgia Medicare and benefits specialist. I have been in the insurance industry for over twenty years. Previously, I worked in the corporate world for over twenty-one years, holding many roles in sales, service, claims, claims litigation, subrogation, and training.

In 2019, I ventured out on my own and entered the Medicare world. I instantly fell in love with it and developed a passion for the Medicare clientele. I have always been considered a people person and enjoy helping others. However, working in the Medicare world, coupled with the recent loss of my mother, inspired me to take an extra personal touch with my clients.

It was very quick and very evident that this is not just an insurance agent job. To be truly successful, one needs to be passionate and become an advocate for the clients. I have witnessed too many times where clients were sold into plans that were NOT fitting for them, and additionally too many times to count where things were either not explained at all or certainly not explained correctly.

A Medicare Insurance Agency with a Mission

I started this agency to be an asset to the Middle Georgia area. I want a safe place where clients can ask questions and look for policies that are truly best fitting. We do not offer all the available policies in the area, and that is because I personally do not think all the available policies have a good provider presence. I think it’s a disservice to offer policies to clients that potentially could not be of good service to them.

Our biggest goal at Middle Georgia Medicare is to educate and build relationships. We want to educate our clients about Medicare. Teach them the difference between Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage Plans. Provide accurate information to the client, so the client can then make the best decision for themselves. There will be times where we will not have the best fitting policy for an individual, and that’s ok. I would rather be honest with someone, not make a sale, but keep our integrity. At the end of the day, what matters most to our team is what is best for the client.

Meet the Middle Georgia Medicare team

Medicare Benefits Specialists Who Care

I currently have 3 amazing benefits specialists working with me on the Middle Georgia Medicare team. Ronnie Parker and Jesse Braswell live in the Dublin area and have spent their entire careers in the insurance industry. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Bob Gay lives in the Milledgeville and has actually worked with Ronald and Jesse in the past. These gentlemen are my trio. They have the same passion and goals as I do: Clients first, not the sales goals. They love their jobs, care deeply for their clients, and are really good people!

I am looking to grow the agency and add to our team. Our goal is to be of service to the entire Middle Georgia and surrounding areas.

Ways We Can Help You & How to Reach Us

If you are retiring soon, turning 65 soon, or just want to be sure you are getting the best benefits with your current policy, please give us a call. Open Enrollment is October 15 thru December 7 each year, but you do not have to always wait until then to review your plan.

You can view more details about each agent on our team – including our personal phone numbers and email addresses – on our Find Your Agent page. If you’re not sure which agent to select, you can scroll further down the Find Your Agent page, complete the short contact form, and one of us will contact you.

We also present Medicare Basic seminars where we teach the basics of Medicare. It is an educational presentation, not a sales pitch. Please be looking for times and locations to be announced soon here on our website, as well as our Facebook page. Additionally, if you’d like for us to come into your small groups and give this presentation, please feel free to contact me personally at candice@newseasonretirementsolutions.com.

We look forward to talking with you soon! 🙂

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