Middle Georgia Medicare is now New Season Retirement Solutions!

New Name, More Ways to Serve You!

Jul 6, 2023 | Exciting News

We Started as a Medicare Insurance Agency…

I opened Middle Georgia Medicare just a short time ago, last year in fact. I wrote an article discussing why I opened Middle Georgia Medicare. What it boiled down to was simple: I enjoy helping people, and I found a need to help people navigate through their Medicare choices.

Not only can it be overwhelming to simply enroll in Medicare, but add to it all the other stuff like an overload of information, the endless advertisements and mailers, and the countless calls from telemarketers and other agents trying to sell you something. It’s a lot! Most of our clients have shared that, initially, they were either overwhelmed or fed up, so they put the decision off.

Although it is certainly understandable to want to put the decisions related to Medicare on the pile of “I’ll figure it out later,” we don’t want you to rush such an important decision. I love my clients. I love my agents, and my agents equally love their clients. It’s that love and care for our clients that lead us to expanding our services and rebranding the agency to New Season Retirement Solutions!

New Season Retirement Solutions

Reasons for a New Agency Name

One reason for our name change is that CMS (Centers for Medicare Services) implemented a new rule to help protect individuals and hopefully crack down on negligent sales agents. This rule required all agencies to remove the word “Medicare” from their business names. I knew this rule was coming to Georgia, as it had been implemented in a few other states. At first, I was frustrated at the task of having to redo something I just created last year. However, I took this event and turned it into an opportunity.

An opportunity invites positivity and a chance for growth. I always try to turn things into a positive, and that is what I have done. Not only am I rebranding the agency but also adding new products and services!

The longer I am in this business the more I learn. Getting older is more than Medicare and what plan to choose. It is preparing for retirement. It is having a plan for long term care. It is having a backup plan for life’s hard things. There are so many things to think about, and each person’s situation is different.

  • Do you have a significant other?
  • Do you want to leave something for your children?
  • Are you or your family prepared to pay for some or any type of home health or long-term care should the inevitable happen?
  • Do you understand the financial and legal things that need to be in place?

There are numerous things to consider, and I wanted my agency to be able to help our clients with these things. Now we can!

We Expanded Our Services to More Completely Serve You!

As I mentioned, retirement is not just Medicare and Medicare choices. There is so much to it. We will still be offering Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plans. We are now excited to offer…

  • Long Term Care Plans
  • Life insurance
  • Annuities
  • Tax diversification strategies

In addition to these new services, we are partnering with local attorneys, ones that we develop relationships with so we can assist you with Estate Planning, as well! Attorneys can help with establishing Estate Planning including wills, trusts, and legal & medical power of attorneys.

My agents and I truly have a love for our clients and our communities. We don’t just want to make sales; we want to build trust and relationships and help people build a solid foundation and plan for their retirement and most vulnerable situations. You don’t want to wait until you’re in the middle of a storm to come up with a plan. You want to plan for a storm before the storm happens. 

We are Ready to Help You!

Are YOU ready to plan for your retirement years? Please reach out to us through our website’s contact form, and let us know how we can help you. You can also call us Monday – Friday between 9am-5pm at (478) 845-2696. We look forward to working with you!

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